Easy Way to Monitor Sales Canvassing with CRM (More Effective)

Monitor Sales Canvassing with CRM – Are you an active salesperson doing sales canvassing? Or maybe you are a sales manager looking to increase the efficiency of your team in monitoring and managing sales canvassing activities? 

If so, this article is for you. In an increasingly competitive world of marketing, monitoring sales canvassing is essential to ensure that every sales opportunity is not missed.

One tool that is very useful in this process is CRM (customer relationship management). In this article, we will share an easy way to monitor sales canvassing using CRM and optimize your sales potential.

So, what are you waiting for, let’s read this article to the end!

What is Sales Canvassing?

Sales canvassing is a direct marketing method in which a salesperson approaches potential customers (prospects) directly to identify potential sales and promote a company’s products or services. 

Sales canvassing typically takes brochures or product samples and uses persuasive and communication skills to build relationships with prospects, overcome their obstacles, and generate sales.

Therefore, sales canvassing can be an effective method for generating sales because it involves direct interaction between the salesperson and the prospect. 

Thus enabling sales to directly respond to the needs and wants of prospective customers, provide detailed information, and build personal relationships that can increase trust and sales opportunities.

What are the Benefits of CRM in Monitoring Sales Canvassing?

Monitor Sales Canvassing with CRM

Following are the benefits of CRM in monitoring sales canvassing, namely:

1. Prospect Monitoring and Management

CRM allows sales to monitor and manage prospects more effectively. They can record important information about prospects, such as contacts, preferences, and interaction history. 

CRM also allows for assessing prospect qualifications based on certain criteria, such as interest or sales potential. With good monitoring, sales can identify the most promising prospects and provide appropriate follow-up.

2. Scheduling and Management of Visits

CRM assists sales in organizing and tracking their visits to prospects. They can schedule visits, record visit details, and manage related tasks. 

CRM can also send reminders or notifications about upcoming visits. So sales can optimize their time and ensure that no opportunity is missed.

3. Better Team Collaboration

CRM is able to make team collaboration better. That’s because information and notes about prospects can be shared in real-time so that all team members can access the latest information. 

Doing so, allows teams to work together on monitoring and tracking canvassing sales, coordinates necessary follow-ups, and gains a more detailed understanding of prospect needs.

4. Simplify Analysis and Reporting

Furthermore, CRM is able to become a medium of analysis with strong reports. Managers can view comprehensive canvassing sales data, including individual sales performance, conversion rates, and sales trends. 

This analysis helps identify sales patterns, measure campaign success, and identify areas that need improvement or additional training. With accurate and detailed reports, your business managers can make better decisions based on available data.

5. Personalization and Relationship Development

Finally, CRM is able to build more personal communication. This is because all information about purchase history and prospect needs is recorded in one centralized system. 

So sales can offer relevant products and offer appropriate solutions. This personalization helps build stronger relationships with potential customers, increases trust and strengthens sales opportunities.

What CRM Features Help In Monitoring Sales Canvassing?

How to monitor sales canvassing with CRM is very practical. Excellent features in CRM are able to allow you to monitor sales performance even when you are working outside the office. The following CRM features can help monitor sales canvassing:

1. Meeting Management

With this feature, salespeople can record visit details, record conversation results, upload related photos or documents, and monitor their sales progress systematically. 

This allows them to have a better understanding of how the sales process is progressing, monitor the success of their efforts, and identify areas where they need to improve. 

The report management feature also makes it easy to share information and collaborate with other sales teams, increasing transparency and coordination in carrying out sales canvassing activities effectively.

2. GPS tracking

With this feature, sales can easily track and map the location of potential customers. They can see which customers are near them in real-time and optimize their travel routes for maximum efficiency. 

In addition, the GPS tracking feature also allows sales data to be recorded whether it is correct according to the reports on the locations visited.

3. Heatmap

This feature visualizes geographic data by using color to indicate the level of sales visits and the location of potential customers. Thus enabling sales to clearly see areas where sales opportunities are. 

With this information, you can strategically direct sales, allocate resources wisely, and plan visits to areas with high sales potential. 

So that it is easy to identify new opportunities, optimize travel routes, and increase the effectiveness of sales canvassing activities.

4. Survey Management

Furthermore, there is a Survey CRM feature that helps salespeople collect feedback and important information more practically. 

By conducting surveys, sales can understand customer needs and preferences, and identify areas where they can improve the customer experience. 

The survey results can be used to adjust sales approaches, ways of promotion, and build stronger relationships with customers.

5. Sales Script

With this feature, it helps sales to access sales scripts that have been prepared beforehand. The script contains important information, relevant questions, and a step-by-step guide for carrying on conversations with customers. 

With a sales script, your sales can have a structured and consistent guide when interacting with customers. So that it has a standard SOP that needs to be carried out by sales canvassing in offering your business products/services.

6. Report Management

This feature allows the salesperson to generate detailed reports and analyze sales data easily. 

With comprehensive reports and analysis, salespeople can understand sales trends, identify new opportunities, and evaluate the success of their sales strategy. 

The reports and analysis features also allow them to track sales progress, measure individual or team performance.

7. Mobile CRM Application

By using the mobile CRM application, sales can access real-time customer data, interaction history, and product information through their mobile devices. 

This allows sales to access critical information while in the field, perform live data updates, and take necessary actions quickly. 

With instant access to the necessary data and tools, salespeople can increase productivity, optimize visit time, and respond more responsively to sales opportunities during sales canvassing.

Get the Best CRM System for Monitoring Your Canvassing Sales Now!

In an increasingly competitive business era, monitoring sales canvassing using CRM has proven to be an effective strategy. 

By leveraging features such as GPS tracking, report management, data analysis, and sales scripts, CRM enables companies to increase the efficiency and success of sales canvassing activities. 

One of the best CRM choices for monitoring sales canvassing that you can use is Barantum CRM.

Barantum CRM offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution, with advanced features that can assist companies in tracking customer geographic locations, managing visit reports, analyzing sales data, and optimizing the sales process as a whole. 

By choosing Barantum CRM, companies can get powerful tools to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their sales canvassing, and make better decisions based on accurate and reliable data.

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