Benefits of Big Data in of the World of Technology & Companies

Benefits of Big Data – Today’s big data is widely known by some people, namely for development in software with larger and wider data. Now to use this database, it is necessary to be able to manage and store information in the form of data accurately and safely. 

And for big data, many companies and businesses need large data to be able to store data in that company or business. This is the best step to be able to prevent this problem is to use this big data. 

Let’s see from a more complete explanation of the following Big data.

What is Big Data?

Benefits of Big Data in of the World of Technology & Companies

The definition of Big data is a collection of processes from larger and wider volumes of data accurately or inaccurately and can be used to assist in an activity in a company or business. 

Now for Big data itself is the development of a database system in general or in general. 

In distinguishing big data, namely the speed, volume, and type of data that can be available more and varied from the DBMS (Database Management System) in general or in general.

There are several big data that are divided into 3 parts or commonly referred to as 3V as follows:

  • Volume : In collecting data from several manufacturers, for example in business transactions, internet of things (IoT), hardware, social media and others. In the 1990s, storage would be a problem but this storage was cheaper than other devices.
  • Velocity: In this growth of Big data, data can move through the business with unprecedented speed and must be as timely as possible. Examples of RFID, sensors, and smart meters will get the need to be able to prevent the contents of this data in almost the same time.
  • Variety: Now for this data there are all types of big data from accuracy, numeric data in ordinary databases to in text documents, e-mails, and transactions in inaccurate financial forms.

Big Data Functions

In Big Data, it has several functions for the development process and is more perfect than any application or product. Here are some of the functions of big data as follows:

1. Can determine the causes of a problem and failure in real time

Now for the first function, namely finding and analyzing the causes of a problem that is in the application system. And for current use, it can minimize the occurrence of failures in the data storage process in the application.

2. Making a smart and right decision

In Big data you can combine other systems and devices such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). In its duties, namely being able to store data and information needed in the development of an application or product.

3. Detect an unclear thing or behavior in the business structure

From this function, it is able to search for data more quickly and accurately, in the process of unclear activities and stops due to technical or non-technical errors. 

And for Big data, you can design various options to be able to reduce and overcome this more accurately and quickly in helping all business activities of large and small companies.

4. Reduce costs, time, and can increase product or application performance power

In terms of storing data using big data, you can reduce costs that will be incurred by a company or business. And for that time in making and running a production becomes more accurate and faster by transferring the above data better than other database systems.

Benefits of Big Data in the Development of the World of Technology

There are many conveniences and benefits that big data has, in terms of functionality and features it has. big data is divided into 2 types of benefits, namely the first for needs in information technology (IT) processes and the second for doing business.

1. Information Technology Field

Use of Mobile Devices

In today’s digital era, the use of devices such as smartphones, tablets, IPOD, etc. Surely we often encounter devices such as smartphones, etc. that already support and support various application systems. 

Then from the user friendly factor which is very helpful and easy to carry anywhere, this is a major advantage of mobile devices.

Social media

Almost every smartphone user must use social media, usually social media is used to access various information or just to share personal daily activities. Of course, many people will upload photos, videos or text to the social media application. 

And the information collected will become data that will be stored in a database system with a large capacity. To accommodate large data every day, you can use big data which has good performance in handling data on a large scale.

Intelligent Devices

Intelligent systems have been developed in developed countries such as China, Japan, America, etc. Smart devices can help people’s daily activities more effectively and efficiently.

IoT technology is an example of intelligent device technology that is widely applied to electronic devices such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, etc. 

By using a system that is connected to the internet network, all forms of activity can be coordinated in just one application system, with the help of big data as a provider of information services and data storage.

2. Business Field

Improving business operational systems

To increase the amount of productivity and effectiveness in your business, of course, requires adequate resources. One of them is the need for data that is always increasing. 

And Big data is able to solve data problems with large needs to help operational processes in your business.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

You also need to maintain and improve good relations with customers and sales. Because of that we can monitor sales activity, calculate average conversions, and so on just by managing it using additional features.

Optimizing the experience of using the application

Today’s mobile device users are increasing, so there is a need to optimize software and hardware. In addition, data storage is very influential because it can affect the optimization of an application. 

Using big data in the data management transfer process will speed up the transfer process and be more accurate.

More Benefits Of Big Data For Companies

It has been mentioned before that big data provides many benefits for companies, agencies, or organizations. What are these benefits? Here’s the description: 

1. Helps Make Decisions

Analysis obtained through big data can help stakeholders in companies in making policies or decisions. Because it is based on data, the policies or decisions that are taken tend to be accurate. 

2. Determine the Cause of the Problem

Big data is able to perform analysis and determine the cause of a problem that occurs in the system. In addition, the results of big data analysis can also be used to reduce errors or prevent problems that might occur. 

3. Know the Customer Well

Through big data , we can get a lot of information about customers. Therefore, we can better understand them. For example, we can find out customer data and their reasons for buying our products or services. 

4. Create a Marketing Strategy 

By understanding consumers, of course we can also create an effective marketing strategy. We can also target consumers precisely. In addition, we can open cross selling and upselling opportunities. 

5. Detect Irregularities

Big data can detect deviant or anomalous behavior in business. In fact, it can be done relatively quickly and precisely. In addition, big data can also provide solution options to overcome this deviant behavior. 

6. Product Development

Because big data can help understand customers, companies can also develop products according to customer interests. Thus, sales can also increase.

7. Predict the Future

The results of big data analysis can help predict the future. For example predicting market trends and estimating future needs. Thus, the company can do a good planning.


Big data is a collection of processes consisting of volumes of data with large capacity, which can accommodate structured and unstructured data. Big data is able to store large data and the process of reading data is faster and more efficient.

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