Big Data Management Strategy to The Maximum For The Company

Big Data Management – Technological advances in the world are progressing rapidly, which can provide great benefits and opportunities for companies in big data. 

Big data is a collection of information in different formats and evolves over time. Solutions to using big data can improve consumer experience, identify and provide solutions to company problems, and many others.

Management of big data is an important part, by carrying out proper management, of course the benefits of this big data can really be felt. 

However, actually managing big data is also not easy, considering that there are not too many big data experts in Indonesia. So how do you manage big data properly?

Big Data Management Strategy

Big Data Management Strategy to The Maximum For The Company

Companies that utilize big data systems must be able to handle data well, starting from sources, processes, and sharing information with related parties. This information will be shared with related parties, so that each team gets the right data for each division. 

Before starting to use software analytics data types, we recommend doing the following things. 

Recheck the Data Management Process

The first thing you should do is double-check the data management process of the company. Try to check starting from the CRM software, the tools used in marketing, if the company uses social media.

Then some software is integrated into companies that may have existed before you worked for that company. This means that all tools need to be evaluated whether they are still useful or need to be updated. 

Conduct training for the team

If you still don’t have members who understand how to manage and make reports from each data, try to provide training to the team according to the tools the company uses. 

The training is carried out through workshops and special training, so that each team member understands how to select and process information from data. 

Integrating Data

Furthermore, as a way to maximize the function of this data analytics software by integrating internally and constantly according to the business solutions offered. 

Current software will not be effective if its function cannot be integrated with the tools used by the company. 

Big Data Management Challenges

There are various kinds of challenges in managing big data, as follows. 

Difficulty Finding the Data Needed

The first challenge is the difficulty when the data is needed, but not found. With data, you can find out various kinds of data. You can even find out consumer behavior, web visitors, conservation, and so on. 

All of this data is very important, but it becomes less effective if you only look at data that is too big without knowing which ones are relevant to the company. 

You also have to understand which ones the big data analytics software should observe and analyze first. The problem with big data analytics arises when there is a large amount of data, but it is presented in an unstructured and unfiltered manner.

Fetching Invalid Data

The next challenge is to retrieve invalid data. In simple terms, big data analytics can be interpreted as the process of analyzing a set of data with various predetermined matrices. 

Because the information presented in a large enough amount is likely to be many years old, so it can be wrong to choose the information used and become invalid. 

This may often happen when you need these objects from various sources at once and the life cycle of this big data gets mixed up with one another. Not to mention the different formats, of course, makes data collection less than optimal.

Big Data Stored in Different Databases

The next challenge is that big data becomes difficult to manage if it is stored in a different database. The solution to this big data challenge is the use of large storage, but it is possible that the data is stored in different places. 

If the company team accesses from different databases, there is a big risk of misinterpretation because they see different portions of the data. 

Without full access to a place, of course it will be difficult to make accurate analysis reports with existing big data analytic software.

Big Data Security Less Attention

Lack of attention to big data security is also one of the challenges. With so much data stored, it is very likely that it will be misused by irresponsible persons by hacking and theft. 

When the amount of data grows, of course companies will use new tools and other software that are integrated in the database.

This actually increases the high risk of hacking, even other risks related to data security, such as sources that are not safe so they cannot be protected. 


Big data management is one of the things that needs to be considered properly. It will be very unfortunate if a company already utilizes big data, but cannot manage it properly. The benefits of big data cannot be fully felt by companies. 

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