Use the Best CRM System To Get Superior CRM Chat Features

CRM Chat Features – In the increasingly advanced digital era, customer management is one of the key aspects in maintaining business success. 

Understanding and meeting customer needs precisely is an important step to build strong relationships and increase customer satisfaction. 

In this case, the Chat CRM feature comes as an effective and efficient solution for managing interactions with customers directly. With the Chat CRM feature, you can integrate chats from all communication channels into one system. 

So that all conversations with customers can be accessed and managed from one organized place. With the collected data, you can provide a more personalized customer experience and improve their service according to customer feedback.

In addition, the Chat CRM feature also enables ticket automation, ensuring that no customer request is missed or forgotten. 

When there is a customer chat that involves problems or requires further handling, the system can automatically generate tickets. Thus, rapid response and efficient problem solving can be achieved.

Come on, read in full to find out how the Chat CRM feature can change the way you manage your customers and help increase your business success!

What is Chat CRM Feature?

Use the Best CRM System To Get Superior CRM Chat Features

The Chat CRM feature is one of the features in the customer relationship management system to integrate chat from various communication channels on one page. 

This feature allows you to communicate directly with customers via chat from various communication channels. Thus facilitating the interaction of your agents and customers in real-time in just one page.

With the Chat CRM feature, you can collect, store, and analyze chat conversation data with customers. In addition, it is also able to analyze preferences, needs, and the level of customer satisfaction. 

Thus helping you to provide a better customer experience by providing personalized and timely service. Apart from that, the Chat CRM feature also allows you to use chat automation using chatbots. 

Chatbots can be used to automatically respond to common questions. So as to provide fast and accurate answers, reduce response time, and increase efficiency.

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To get the convenience of all these features, one of the best CRM providers in Indonesia as well as WhatsApp Official Partner, namely Barantum, provides the Barantumchat CRM feature. 

Barantumchat CRM is able to help you strengthen relationships with customers, increase customer satisfaction, and increase the productivity of the customer service team. 

This is due to the existence of a reliable system to manage all customer communication channels in one CRM-integrated platform. Moreover, it can be customized according to your business needs.

What Does the CRM Chat Feature Do?

The functions of the CRM chat feature are:

1. Live Chat with Customers

The first function, the Chat CRM feature allows you to communicate directly with customers via live chat. 

For example, in Barantum CRM, the BarantumChat feature allows you to send and receive messages in real-time with customers directly from the CRM platform. 

So you can answer questions, provide support, or fulfill customer requests quickly and efficiently.

2. Conversation Storage

Another function, allows saving chat conversations with customers. This feature records all conversations and stores them in the system. 

This allows you to easily access conversation history with customers and view the history of past interactions. This information is invaluable in understanding customer preferences, tracking past issues, and building stronger relationships.

3. Chat Data Analysis

The Chat CRM feature enables data analysis of chat conversations with customers. So you can find out how fast the response time is, the level of customer satisfaction, and trends in requests or frequently asked questions. 

With this information, you can identify where to improve, and optimize your customer service strategy.

4. Automation with Chatbot

The next function, can automate chats using chatbots. Especially if you use Barantum CRM. In Barantum CRM, the BarantumChat feature allows you to integrate chatbots to respond to common questions. 

Chatbots can provide instant and fast answers. So you can save your customer service team time.

5. Easily Monitor Agent Activities

Finally, this feature allows you to monitor live chat activity between agents and customers. 

With real-time monitoring, managers or supervisors can see ongoing conversations, intervene when needed, provide guidance to agents, and speed up decision making. 

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Thus enabling better supervision and control over the quality of customer service provided.

In addition, managers can also identify emerging trends or problems on the spot. For example, if there is a pattern of new requests or frequent complaints, managers can take immediate action to resolve the problem or improve the process.

How to Manage Customers with CRM’s Chat Feature?

How to manage customers with the Chat CRM feature, namely by storing all customer information in one centralized system. 

Where this system is able to integrate all communication channels such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, and others on one page. 

So that customer service agents can manage all conversations with customers more easily. So, you don’t need to record customer information manually or in separate files scattered in many places. 

Simply by using this CRM feature, you can record all information and view it easily and quickly. So that customer management is easier to do. You can get one of the best Chat CRM feature options from Barantum. 

All-in-one technology in the Barantum system allows you to customize according to business needs. At the same time this system is able to follow the development of your business.

Get CRM Chat Features from the Best System!

With the Chat CRM feature, customer management can be easier and more efficient. In this fast-paced and digital era, it’s important for businesses to take advantage of the best tools available. 

Barantum CRM, as a leading service provider, offers an extraordinary Chat CRM feature.

By using Barantum CRM, you can get access to the best CRM chat features which include live chat with customers, chat data storage and analysis, integration with CRM systems, and ticket automation capabilities. 

So you can improve the quality of customer service, increase customer satisfaction, and strengthen your overall business relationships.

So, don’t hesitate to explore the CRM chat features offered by Barantum CRM. Benefit from the integration capabilities of communication channels, chat data storage and analysis, and efficient ticket automation.

Register for Barantum CRM now and find the best Chat CRM solution that suits your business needs.

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