Custom Field CRM: Setup to Business Needs & Increase Sales

Custom field CRM is one of the features used to manage data according to business needs. With this feature, you can set fields that can be used to display business information. 

So you can maximize CRM effectiveness and increase your business productivity. The best way to create custom fields that fit your needs is to learn how to use them. 

Once you know the available features, you can choose the right customization options to adapt your CRM to your business needs.

In this article, we will help you understand the features available and how to set custom fields according to your business needs. If you want to know more about CRM custom fields, don’t hesitate to read this article until it’s finished!

What Are Custom Fields in CRM?

Custom Field CRM Setup to Business Needs & Increase Sales

Custom CRM fields are column customizations (fields) set by CRM system users to record the required customer or prospect information. These custom fields allow you to collect and store custom information in one centralized system. 

For example, in the previous CRM field there was only a description of the customer’s name, email, and telephone number. However, after analysis, it turns out that you need a field that contains customer domicile information. 

This is needed to find out which potential areas are interested in using your business products or services. To add this information, you don’t have to bother waiting for the CRM provider’s support team to add fields. 

Instead, you yourself can directly add fields into the CRM system. So you can easily create, manage, and delete fields in CRM to meet business needs.

From the explanation above, it can be seen that the advantage of using custom fields is that they allow you to collect specific information that can help in understanding customers. 

Apart from that, it also creates a better customer experience. With CRM custom fields, you can collect additional information as needed. Thus helping in developing marketing strategies and establishing better relationships with customers.

Why Do Businesses Need to Have Custom Field Customizable CRM?

Businesses need to have a CRM system that can be customized with fields because every business has different information needs. In the built-in CRM system, it often does not cover all areas of information needed by the business. 

So it is difficult to understand the customer well. Therefore, with custom field capabilities, you can add the required fields to help you get more information.

In addition, with CRM that can be custom fields, businesses can customize the CRM system according to their business needs. Every business has different needs in managing customer relationships. 

In some cases, businesses need specific information that is more focused on customer management. For example, a business may need specific fields to monitor customer activity or measure customer satisfaction. 

With a customizable CRM field, businesses can customize their CRM system according to their needs and ensure that it can help them achieve their business goals more effectively and efficiently.

What are the Benefits of CRM Custom Fields?

For more complete benefits, here are the benefits of CRM custom fields that you need to know:

  • Gather Additional Information: This custom field allows users to collect additional information about customers or prospects. So with more complete additional information, businesses can understand customers better and develop more effective marketing strategies.
  • Customizing the CRM System: The Custom CRM field allows businesses to customize the CRM system according to their business needs. Businesses can add custom fields to monitor customer activity or measure customer satisfaction. This can help businesses manage customer relationships more effectively and efficiently. For example, in Barantum CRM, the system is able to develop according to business growth. So it’s not out of date.
  • Improve Customer Experience: CRM custom fields allow businesses to store preferences and specific information about customers. With this information, businesses can provide a more personalized customer experience and match customer needs. So that it can help businesses in obtaining higher customer satisfaction and increase customer loyalty.
  • Speed ​​Up Work Processes: Custom field CRM can help businesses speed up work processes by allowing users to access customer information more quickly and efficiently. This can help businesses increase productivity and reduce the time it takes to deal with customer issues.
  • Improve Data Analysis: CRM custom fields can help businesses improve data analysis by storing more customer-specific information. With more specific information, businesses can gain deeper insights about customers and develop more effective marketing strategies. This can help businesses in gaining greater profits and maintaining their position in the market.

Can All CRM Custom Fields?

Most modern CRM systems provide a custom field feature to allow users to customize the system according to their needs. However, the availability of this custom field feature may vary. 

Some CRM systems are more flexible when it comes to custom fields and allow users to add custom fields easily without the need for technical assistance. 

Meanwhile, other CRM systems may require further customization or even integration with third-party applications. 

So before choosing a CRM system, it is important to consider your business needs and ensure that the CRM system you choose provides adequate custom field features.

Barantum CRM is a CRM system that can customize fields according to your business needs. So that the custom field feature in Barantum CRM allows users to add columns that are tailored to business needs.

With Barantum CRM, users can add custom fields to various modules, such as customer, product, sales and task modules. 

With this custom field feature, Barantum users can optimize the system according to their business needs and obtain more complete information about customers.

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