What is Mobile CRM? Here are the Benefits and Advantages

Mobile CRM is a type of software designed to assist companies in managing their customer relationships via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. 

In today’s digital era, the use of mobile devices is increasing and mobile CRM is a very useful tool to ensure a good relationship between companies and their customers.

This mobile application is a practical solution to improve the performance of the sales and marketing team by presenting features that make it easier to collect data on assignments, reports, activity history, prospect qualification processes, to the distribution of tasks or delegation to each staff which can be accessed via their smartphones.

With this application, salespeople who initially experienced problems in the process of collecting reports and were chased by deadlines for sending report data that needed to be done manually and needed to send it now, just by accessing this application, all sales report work becomes shorter and simpler.

In this article, we will discuss more about what Mobile CRM is, its benefits and advantages, and how companies can leverage it to improve their performance. If you want more information, let’s read the article until it’s finished!

What is Mobile CRM?

What is Mobile CRM Here are the Benefits and Advantages

Mobile CRM is a CRM system or customer relationship management system that can be accessed and operated via mobile devices. Making it easier for users to carry out all activities or customer relationship management activities without having to use a computer.

As you know, the use of a CRM system is very effective in improving customer relationships and company productivity. But, using a CRM system that can be accessed via mobile makes the company’s effectiveness increase even further.

The use of mobile CRM is also a form of company concern for employees by providing applications that can make it easier for the sales team so that they can easily input data from anywhere without having to record it first using a book which is then input into CRM when they arrive at the office using a computer.

Why is Having a Mobile CRM Important?

Having a mobile CRM is essential because teams can easily access customer information, even when they are on the move or not in the office. This allows teams to stay connected with customers and take necessary actions in real-time. Easy and fast access to customer information can increase team productivity and efficiency.

In addition, CRM Mobile can also help improve the quality of interactions with customers. In today’s digital era, customers are more likely to interact via their mobile devices. 

By using CRM Mobile, teams can respond to customer requests quickly and provide better service. So that it can increase customer loyalty and increase their trust in your business.

Overall, the existence of a Mobile CRM is very important in business because it can increase productivity, efficiency, and the quality of interactions with customers. 

Businesses that want to remain competitive in the digital age should consider adopting this technology in order to provide better service and build better relationships with customers.

What are the advantages of CRM Mobile?

The advantage of mobile CRM is that it can be accessed anywhere and anytime using only a mobile device, compared to desktop-based CRM or Cloud CRM which can only be accessed via a computer either by installing it or via a web browser.

Following are some of the advantages of CRM Mobile, namely:

1. Accessible via Smartphone

Having a mobile CRM can provide easy mobility for your staff. This application, which can be accessed via a smartphone, makes it easy for staff to be able to access it anytime and anywhere. 

So, your staff doesn’t have to carry a lot of documents or take a long time to make reports. Because with mobile CRM, your staff can update information data quickly and practically on smartphones.

2. Display is simpler and lighter

CRM mobile has a simple and lightweight appearance. So that when used it doesn’t burden your smartphone device. A simple interface makes it easy for you to understand how to use a mobile CRM. So this mobile CRM can be easily used for your staff of all ages because of its user friendly nature.

3. All CRM Features Remain

You don’t need to worry about the limited features of mobile CRM. Because you can still enjoy and use all CRM features on the mobile CRM application. That way, whether you access it on a laptop/computer or smartphone, there are no different features.

4. Can Be Accessed From Anywhere

Another advantage of this mobile CRM is that it can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. This is because you can download it on PlaySore or the App Store on your smartphone. 

So easy to carry whenever and wherever you go. With this advantage, it will facilitate the performance of field sales in carrying out their duties outside the office.

5. More Accurate GPS Tracking

Monitoring the whereabouts of your field staff will be much easier if the system used has GPS tracking. On mobile CRM, you can monitor customer sales locations more accurately with GPS tracking. 

Moreover, the smartphone is a device that is certainly taken wherever sales go. So you can find out where your sales are in real time and valid.

This application is no longer an option, but it is an obligation. The high mobility of the sales team, especially the field sales team or canvassing, means they are not always in the office all the time. 

The existence of this application provides a solution for them. This application helps the sales team to access customer information in the field using only a mobile device or smartphone.

What are the Benefits of Using Mobile CRM For Business?

Now you understand that using mobile CRM can make your staff’s work more practical. Because it can be used whenever and wherever they (staff) are. So there is no need to carry a lot of documents that prolong their work process. 

All document requirements, for example filling in customer information or making daily reports can be easily and quickly done on the mobile application.

As for some other benefits of the mobile application that you can get, namely:

1. Real Time Access

As you know, your staff who work in the field, for example field sales, generally don’t only come to one location. But to many locations to pursue their sales targets. 

The large amount of mobility that was carried out caused the sales team to be overwhelmed by manually inputting reports. So that the time required to report the results of the work was long. From a business standpoint, this is ineffective.

However, by using this mobile application, your staff can directly input their reports into the system. Be it meetings, tasks, or other tasks. So you can monitor in real time.

2. Speed ​​up data input

The ease of accessing this mobile application is directly proportional to the speed in inputting data reports from the sales staff. This effect will affect the improvement of customer service. Data that is quickly inputted will make the marketing team contact customers quickly after prospecting.

Mobile CRM displays more detailed features regarding customer needs so that if one day the sales team wants to offer the company’s services or products again, it can easily find out what each customer needs.

In the mobile application, both the sales staff team and the sales leader can see progress or sales performance and activities that will be, are being done, and have been completed. Therefore, the company will know the level of progress that has been made by each sales company.

3. More Scheduled Activities

Sales that record manual or paper activities allow for missed activities. This certainly affects the company’s reputation, especially if the missed schedule is a meeting with an important customer. With mobile CRM, all activities that you want to do can be recorded properly and in detail per date.

Activity data reports in the mobile application can be seen by the sales team in the Activity feature. The sales team can easily add, edit and update existing data. 

The arrival of sales at the location can also be known with certainty by the sales leader who is supported by the location feature of the sales staff team by clicking the check-in button when they are already at the location.

If the sales team has finished carrying out prospects or activities that have been scheduled at that location, they can click check-out on the mobile CRM so that the sales leader knows the latest updates on the activities of each member of the sales team.

4. Centralized Customer Data Information

Well-organized customer data reports are what companies need. This is to make it easier to contact customers and the process of offering company services/products. In the mobile application, customer data reports can be listed completely and accurately, including customer product requirements.

Data that is scattered across many platforms or files will make it difficult for the sales team to get customer data quickly and completely. Moreover, there is a variety of the same customer data but in different documents. 

Mobile CRM is the right choice to improve the performance of the sales staff team in finding and inputting customer data reports.

5. Accelerate Sales Cycle

The sales process becomes an important value to increase customer satisfaction. The ease and speed of inputting data through this application allows businesses to quickly connect with customers.

The more customer data that is inputted and the more transactions are made, the more the company’s sales. From the mobile application feature, you can place orders instantly thereby shortening the sales cycle.

6. Improve Team Collaboration

The sales team, which mostly works outside the office, makes it difficult for each member to discuss and collaborate. However, the limitations of team collaboration synergy can be overcome with mobile applications.

This mobile application can show the activities carried out by each salesperson. Even though they can’t communicate with each other, each sales team can see how far the activities carried out by each sales team have been maintained. As a result, each sales team can work together to get better results.

7. Increase Productivity

Other conveniences offered by mobile applications affect the high productivity of the company. Through this application, the sales team can record all data, notes, meetings, data review, and continue the bidding process that needs to be done by sales.

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