The Best Business Intelligence Software in 2024 and Career Path

Best Business Intelligence Software – As technology becomes more and more important to support decision making, here are examples of the best Business Consulting Software that you can learn from.

Today, businesses have access to previously unavailable data sets. Fortunately, technology now offers many solutions to process data into insights and KPIs that can be used to support decision making.

This technology is called Business Intelligence. Using data analytics features, Business Intelligence platforms can dig deeper into data sets to find valuable information.

The impact can be seen in various fields, from increasing sales, improving the quality of employees, to supporting better business plans for business development.

According to research from Dresner, in 2020 the Business Intelligence platform is widely used in the manufacturing industry with 58%. Followed by the financial services industry as 40%.

With the many benefits to be gained from implementing Business Intelligence, here we present some examples of the best Business Intelligence Software, let’s see.

What Are The Best Business Intelligence Software?

Best Business Intelligence Software

1. Oracle Business Intelligence

Discover new insights with Oracle Business Intelligence. Oracle’s Business Intelligence System has helped employees across organizations make faster business decisions, supported by accurate information.

And accessible through mobile devices. Now the platform has released its latest solution in the industry leading cloud analytics, Oracle Analytics.

2. IBM Cognos

All the answers you need are in one place. IBM Cognos offers a single Business Intelligence solution that can do it all.

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From connecting multiple data sources, cleaning them, creating beautiful data visualizations, and predicting the future for your business.

With the new Cognos mobile app, you can get new insights in real time, right from your mobile device.

3. Lookers

Let your data do the talking. Discover the true power of data and gain valuable insights. Data analytics systems from Looker and Google Cloud help you add value with new and powerful insights.

4. MicroStrategy

MicroStrategy’s vision is to implement Business Intelligence in all fields. MicroStrategy’s analytics platform provides answers and delivers real results. MicroStrategy is committed to the success of your business.

5. TIBCO Spotfire

TIBCO Spotfire is the most complete analytics solution platform on the market. With TIBCO Spotfire, it enables everyone to explore and see new insights in data through interactive and powerful business dashboards.

Analytics from Spotfire offers capabilities at scale, including predictive, geographic and streaming analytics. With Spotfire Mods, you can create custom analytics programs that are fast, easy to copy, and highly customizable.

6. Sisense

Analyze data anywhere with Sisense, that’s the motto. Sisense helps you create custom data analysis scenarios for everyone. Artificial Intelligence Support to make decisions quickly. It’s time to change the way you work with Sisense.

Make data analytics capabilities a competitive advantage for your business. Unlock the power of your data to change the way companies operate, improve the customer experience and grow your business.

7. SAP Business Objects

With SAP BusinessObjects, make better and faster decisions with access to insightful and real-time information on a scalable platform.

SAP BusinessObjects is a centralized Business Intelligence platform for reporting, visualization and data sharing. With SAP Business Intelligence applications, turn data into valuable insights, anytime, anywhere.

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8. Click

Qlik helps you turn raw data into useful information for decision making – all in one platform. Capitalize on every business momentum by acting quickly with Qlik’s end-to-end data integration and cloud-based analytics platform.

With Qlik, you move from a static system to an active system designed to provide real-time information and drive faster decisions.

9. Tableau

Tableau is a visual analytics platform that transforms the way you use data to find solutions to problems. Tableau helps organizations and the people within them make better use of data.

Tableau is one of the leading choices in today’s Business Intelligence market. Tableau’s analytics platform makes it easier for you to explore and manage data, and more quickly analyze and share insights that can change your business and the world.

10. Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is an example of Business Intelligence software that is used to integrate and visualize data. Power BI is a complete, highly scalable, and easy-to-use Business Intelligence tool to help you gain more insights from data.

Business Intelligence Career Path

The career path of this profession is good, there are several positions that can be taken, if later you already have experience.

But normally, to be promoted from this position, a minimum of 3 years of experience is required.

The first possible position in the business intelligence field is a business intelligence manager. If you are already in this position, you will lead a business project. This project is definitely based on business data, and you will be the person responsible for that.

Such experience will also enable one to become better data services. Dealing with data every day certainly has an awareness of data trends.

In the end, it’s the manager. This profession puts forward what the customer wants, what the competitors are doing, then the economic situation through the data they have.

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